Technē Shelves

The locally-crafted Techne Shelving Series is a collaborative creation by Technē and Grazia&Co. Launched in 2018, this collection features a sleek powder coat finish, square section metal frame, and shelves enclosed in curved aluminium mesh.






Lauren Bamford
Dave Kulesza

Unique and customisable

The inclusion of brass connections adds a touch of modernity and lightness, complementing the playful shapes. Customization options are available, allowing you to personalize your piece with a stone or timber panel on the top.

“All the pieces are consistent with what we like to do with our work – the geometry and the shapes and the boldness of colour. There’s an elegance but there’s also a playfulness.”

– Nick Travers, Director

Our collection features three distinct designs: a tall, slender shelving unit; a lower height design; and a stylish bedroom side table.

Crafted with steel frames and powder-coated perforated paneling to add an element of visual delicateness. We designed them especially not to be rigid in terms of placement – there’s no front or back so it doesn’t have to sit against the wall; there’s a level of versatility that means they can be placed anywhere within a space.

Modulations Art Installation

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