Daydream Exhibition

Daydream, a collaborative installation by Technē, Yan Huang & Design by Storm.

As part of Melbourne Design week 2020 we created a collection of spaces that offer a retreat for the mind – a respite from the stress and disconnection of daily life.


Technē, Carlton

The Traditional Custodians of this land

Wurundjeri people



Collaborating Artists

Yan Huang
Design by Storm
Ayus Botanical - Landscape Design

Multi-sensory design

Daydream experiments with visuals, soundscapes, textured materials and relative spaces. Aptly titled, it amplifies those moments where our thoughts wander and our experience is transformed.

Daydream showcases the relationship between the environment and our physical and mental wellbeing. The installation also demonstrates how an environment – which is consciously evolved through design – can amplify those benefits.



Garden State Hotel

Modulations Art Installation