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Work with Technē

Company Values

Professionalism underwrites our day to day conduct; guides each of our best practice behaviours and is applied equally to our relationships; internally + externally.

Aligned Purpose

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Collaborate with passion because we make better decisions together
  • Respect genuine teamwork by recognising the talents of others
  • Share and encourage diverse opinions because we love learning from different views
  • Enable and add value to the ideas of others. We do not diminish their contributions

Bespoke Delivery

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Treat every project as unique and we are driven to understand each stakeholder’s priorities
  • Listen to our clients, colleagues and suppliers/consultants with curiosity, not entrenched opinion
  • Use our knowledge and expertise to develop a sustainable + elegant solution
  • Take responsibility and are accountable for the quality of our decisions

Enabling Creativity

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Are excited by crafted design that imbues aesthetic & functional beauty
  • Embrace a ‘studio’ attitude to nurture and percolate design
  • Elevate creativity & innovation to surpass client expectations
  • Do not value generic solutions
  • Encourage risk taking as part of the creative process


Available Positions

We welcome talented staff from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, and we are an equal opportunity employer.

To express your interest and become part of our creative team, send your CV and portfolio (PDF 10MB max) to the attention of Eva Robinson, Studio Support Coordinator at , with a clear subject heading identifying the role you are applying for.

Techne will only respond to shortlisted candidates. Applicants with a right to work in Australia will only be considered. Direct applications only, no agencies.

What do our staff have to say?

“At Techné, the studio environment is open and collaborative. It is a place where ideas are shared and my point of view is valued.”

— Bianca Baldi, Interior Designer

"We have a lot of fun together at Technē working on exciting projects, celebrating our wins and socialising as a team. There is always a new Technē designed bar, restaurant, pub or café to road test.”

— Nicole Symes, Practice Manager