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To make,

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Technē – to make, poetically.

An ancient Greek word that provides a philosophical standpoint to the work that Technē creates. Demanding clear and conscious thinking, ‘to be poetic’ stands Technē apart from other practices. Consideration is given to the ‘art’ in the work, imbuing each project with thoughtful creativity.



Technē Architecture and Interior Design works across residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects, creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience.

Technē’s work is informed by elements of art, engineering, environment, sustainability, and economics to form empathetic and cohesive spaces. The studio strives to achieve a rare duality between creative form and commercial viability.

Founded in 2002, Technē’s layered and textured designs have contributed to Australia’s modern design aesthetic, elevating its architectural expression onto the international design stage.

“Our studio is emerging as a leading design practice, with a recognisable individuality and voice.” – Nick Travers, director

The team works collaboratively under the guidance of co-founders and directors, Nick Travers and Justin Northrop whose open nature and delivery of commercial outcomes inspires every design.

At the core of Technē’s approach is innovative thinking that gives vibrancy and form to their designs. Technē is unique in its equally balanced and fully integrated architecture and interior design process, with each discipline informing the other for the duration of a project.

The studio’s poetic ambitions are channelled through the directors’ practical sensibilities into authentic and honest outcomes, crafting architecture you can feel.

“It is our challenge to create thoughtful, sustainable spaces that will stand the test of time.” – Justin Northrop, director

A Technē project is robust, playful and hardworking, with all design elements contributory and purposeful. The studio creates moments reflective of their time with an enduring legacy for the future.

Nick, Justin and Steve,
the directors


Directors Justin Northrop and Nick Travers came together through a shared vision of creating beautiful spaces that work hard for their clients’ vision. Almost two decades later, the strength of their partnership guides the Technē team.




Nick Travers
B. Arch. St., B. Arch (Hons)

Nick Travers is driven to innovate and meet challenges head on. Nick thrives on the complexity of the architect’s role, and is stimulated by a thorough discourse around the philosophical and practical elements of his discipline. Through sharp examination he decisively pushes Technē to reach the highest possible level for his team, partners, and clients.

In his role as Technē director, Nick knows the best design occurs when ideas are challenged and shaped collaboratively. Over Technē’s 15 years, this belief has formed the cornerstone of the studio’s culture and is evident in each project.

The emotional content and high technical ability of great musicians, and the experience of live theatre provide inspiration for Nick’s work. The disruptive nature of technology and the beauty of flowing form making that is found in automotive design are a personal passion. This convergence of the real and digital world fascinates him as the major agents of current technological advancement.

Nick gained experience from Melbourne to Berlin before founding Technē with Justin. His starting point for projects is free hand drawings that give form to his thoughts, functioning as a source of inspiration. This unguarded approach is balanced with a pragmatic attention to detail that promises each moment in a project timeline is handled with dedication.

“Architects have to dream, we have to search for our Atlantises, to be explorers, adventurous, and yet to build responsibly and well.” – Renzo Piano

Justin Northrop
B.PD, B.Arch. (Hons)

Justin Northrop believes architecture must have a sense of equilibrium – compositional and proportional, budgetary and functional balance. It is his philosophy that every space be well designed, fit for purpose, and enjoyed by the people who inhabit it.

After establishing his career in Melbourne, Justin founded the Technē studio with Nick Travers in 2002. As director, Justin guides the team to approach design challenges from all angles. Justin’s diplomatic mind and quiet determination are complemented by his collaborative approach and the shared sense of achievement that comes from a finished project.

An initial aspiration to be a chef evolved into a motivation to create the physical forms where people enjoy each other’s company. Justin’s connection to hospitality has driven the studio’s achievements in this sphere.

A builder and a maker, Justin has an innate sense of how things go together. Growing up, he spent time on building sites with his father, a structural engineer, who taught Justin the innate logic of materials. His artistic sensibility grew from hours spent drawing with his grandfather, a naturalist and a painter.

Justin’s early experiences set the foundation of his desire to work with his hands and design tangible experiences that make people happy. These connections resonate throughout his practice today.


Steve McKeag

Steve recently became a fellow Director of Technē and he now joins Justin and Nick in the broad leadership of the practice with a particular focus on the management of People and Culture.

After graduating with a degree in Architecture from Deakin University in Geelong, he spent several years working in London and Melbourne for a variety of large and small architectural practices where he developed his skills in project delivery and leadership across various project types.

In 2007, he joined Technē as a senior architect and quickly formed an affinity with Justin and Nick and learnt the Technē way, through being instrumental in projects like, The Richmond Club Hotel, The Terminus Hotel, Porsche Centre Brighton and numerous other bespoke residential and commercial projects

To meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, Steve highly values the power of aligned purpose, coordinated collaboration and maintains a strong focus on team communication to create the right design solutions in response to the challenges and opportunities that each project presents.

Outside of the office, Steve has a young family, loves mountain bike riding and snow skiing, travels widely and prides himself on being a low n’ slow pit master.

The Team

The Technē studio is made up of a diverse team of individuals,
passions, and leaders. Working closely with each other and their
clients, the team deliver each project with dedicated professionalism
and a unique design expression.


“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment” –Naoto Fukasawa

Sam Sempill

Associate Director


Dana Hutchins

Associate Director | Albury Team Leader

Dip.Interior Design, B.Comm

"It takes more than design to make a space work, Technē collaborates with all facets of a project to achieve a functional & aesthetic outcome."

Bianca Baldi


B.Design (Interior Design)

"Effective architecture responds to and reflects its surroundings to create a sense of place."

Sebnem MacDonald


M.Arch, B.Arch, ARBV

Zaita Sun

Senior Project Architect

B.PD, B.Arch

"Together, our team create beautiful, proportioned, simple and soulful designs created with respect."

David Spaccatore

Senior Interior Designer

B.Tech (Industrial Design)

Kelly Wong

Senior Interior Designer

Adv.Dip Interior Design

"To create, one must first question everything." – Eileen Gray

Claire McGuire

Project Architect

M.Arch, B.Arch

Jenny Cham

Project Architect

B. Arch, M. Arch

“Do not seek praise. Seek criticism.” – Paul Arden

Anna Howkins

Interior Designer

B.Interior Architecture (Hons)

“In its purest form, architecture isn’t overly complex. Often a series of simple and informed design moves is what engenders architectural richness.”

Matthew Chai


B.Envs, M.Arch

Nicola Placella


M.Sc (Arch), ARBV

Natasha Nardella


B. Env, M. Arch

"The sun never knew how great it was until it struck the side of a building." - Louis Kahn

Diana Galimova

Graduate of Architecture

B.Envs, M.Arch

"Design is all about looking at the usual things with unusual eyes."

Bella Willis

Interior Designer

B.Interior Architecture (Hons)

Jared Drever

Graduate of Architecture

M.Arch, B.Arch

Elizabeth Wang

Graduate of Architecture

B.Envs (Arch), M.Arch

Carol Lee McClure


Dual.Dip Business Management, Cert.IV Financial Services,

Eva Robinson

Studio Support Coordinator

"Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives."

Nicole Symes

Studio Support Coordinator



Wellbeing Officer

Design Values

Technē produces architecture and interior design that is generally characterised by a thoughtful design approach which highly values the following attributes in its projects;

Bespoke, crafted and concept driven.

  • We create unique ‘touch points’ in our projects.
  • Our projects are always defined by clear and relevant concepts.
  • We design to celebrate site history/stories and local culture.
  • We work to yield genuine innovation in design.

Human and social. 

  • To create inspirational and highly functional buildings and spaces that place human experience at the centre of thinking while simultaneously responding to the context and connectedness of all things.
  • We create spaces with a high level of understanding about how people interact and socialise.
  • We aspire to our design engaging the senses and to illicit particular moods/feelings.

Modernism with a twist.

  • Modernist design philosophies of planning and aesthetics with a design sensibility that allows for decoration, ornamentation and sculptural form. 

Materiality and construction.

  • Tactile use of materials that adds depth, warmth and local relevance to projects.
  • We generally appreciate when the materials and details we employ have a ‘worn-in’ feeling and that the project will ‘weather’ well.
  • We appreciate the honest expression of construction where the tectonics of the architecture are evident.
  • We love to be innovative in our buildings and fitouts by using unexpected materials in new ways.
  • We stay up to date and have a strong understanding of the latest building construction technologies and best practice.

Landscape and environmental design.

  • We incorporate principles of passive design into our projects from the outset.
  • Ecologically sustainable design is not an option, but is intrinsic to all our projects.
  • We always look to retain existing structures in our projects and make use of recycled materials.
  • We appreciate strong connections between interior and exterior spaces.
  • Integrated landscape design and plantings are important to many project types.


  • We deliver to our partners, clients and valued working relationships, our professional promise: on time, on brief and on budget with open and accountable communications.
  • Our projects meet and exceed functional and client brand requirements.


  • We collaborate at all levels and appreciate that when the best team is brought together the outcomes can be unexpected and astounding.
  • Our clients are collaborators too.

The benefit of engaging us

  • Our clients buy our experience, knowhow and pragmatic solutions
  • We are known for our creative and bespoke architectural responses.
  • As designers we think like the end user’s experience.
  • Techne has minimal fingerprints in our work – we craft uniqueness in each project.