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Work with Technē

Company Values

Professionalism underwrites our day to day conduct; guides each of our best practice behaviours and is applied equally to our relationships; internally + externally.

Aligned Purpose

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Collaborate with passion because we make better decisions together
  • Respect genuine teamwork by recognising the talents of others
  • Share and encourage diverse opinions because we love learning from different views
  • Enable and add value to the ideas of others. We do not diminish their contributions

Bespoke Delivery

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Treat every project as unique and we are driven to understand each stakeholder’s priorities
  • Listen to our clients, colleagues and suppliers/consultants with curiosity, not entrenched opinion
  • Use our knowledge and expertise to develop a sustainable + elegant solution
  • Take responsibility and are accountable for the quality of our decisions

Enabling Creativity

In our daily behaviours, we:

  • Are excited by crafted design that imbues aesthetic & functional beauty
  • Embrace a ‘studio’ attitude to nurture and percolate design
  • Elevate creativity & innovation to surpass client expectations
  • Do not value generic solutions
  • Encourage risk taking as part of the creative process


Available Positions

Project Architect

Currently seeking an experienced design focused registered architect. 5+ years experience. Extensive documentation, site & contract administration experience. REVIT experience preferred.


We are looking for people with a proven track record working on projects with strong design focused outcomes. If this sounds like you, please forward your expression of interest including your resume & portfolio to

What do our staff have to say?

“At Techné, the studio environment is open and collaborative. It is a place where ideas are shared and my point of view is valued.”

— Bianca Baldi, Interior Designer

"We have a lot of fun together at Technē working on exciting projects, celebrating our wins and socialising as a team. There is always a new Technē designed bar, restaurant, pub or café to road test.”

— Nicole Symes, Practice Manager